Saturday, May 30, 2015


Detective : Leandra
- always wearing a suit, sunglasses and a detective hat
- always trying to hit on the woman
- has a cigarette behind his ear at all timese

Woman : Sydney
- wears a fur coat
- very emotional and in distress
-oblivious to detective's flirting

Colonel Reginal Young : Kenzie
- a drunk, not actually a colonel
- not important in society

Mr. Grey : Sydney
- knows who the detective is
- highly regarded doctor

Mrs. S : Konner
- sweet, kind school teacher
- really cheery

Kid that passes out : Preston
Nurse : Quintin
People in the bar, class and waiting room : Preston, Konner, Sean, Kenzie, Quintin, Sydney

Summative Ideas

- A young detective uses drugs to solve crimes
- Beautiful woman comes to him, there is a murder (her husband???)
- The detective goes on several trips to find the murderer, going through the possible suspects
- At the end, he lines up the possible suspects and after a long period of suspense, he determines it is the butler
- But there is no butler?
- But it's always the butler?????? he says
- Someone asks him if he is even a real detective
- Has a flashback and realizes that on one of his trips, he read a lot of detective books and thought he was a detective

The detective is sitting in his office, smoking, when a woman runs in and starts saying she needs his help because her husband has been murdered. He says, "This sounds like a high profile investigation to me." She tells him who she is and he asks if there are any possible suspects, she says yes and gives him three suspects and a bit of background. The detective takes the case, and sets out to find Colonel Reginald Young. He finds him in a club and takes a tic tac when he sees him. Then, he starts talking to him and they end up dancing while he asks completely unrelated questions. He leaves the club and voiceover says "I gathered a lot of highly important evidence from Colonel Young, but I still needed more. Time to pay a visit to Mr. Grey." Mr. Grey is a doctor, so he sets an appointment with him and goes to the doctor's office. When it comes to the time of his appointment, he takes a TIC TAC (not drugs) and the nurse says, "Mr. Grey will see you now." Then he asks unrelated questions while getting a check up. After visit, voiceover "It was all becoming clear to me, but I still needed to visit Mrs.  to be sure." He finds her at school while pretending to be a student in class. He takes a tic tac and offers one to the kid beside him, who takes one and passes out. He then questions the suspect by raising his hand and asking questions. Voiceover, "I finally figured it out." Detective gathers the 3 suspects and the woman,


(The detective is sitting in his office, smoking, when a woman runs in)
Voice over: I remember the day she came in like it was yesterday...
Woman: Detective! I need your help!
Detective: Well, you know I'd do anything to help a fine lady in distress.
W: (crying) My husband was murdered, you need to help me find the killer!
D: Well, this sounds like a high profile investigation to me. (takes off sunglasses and winks)
(Detective comforting woman and talking silently during voice-over)
V: She clearly needed the help of a real man, so of course I would consider her case. She told me her name was June, and she had been with her husband Richard for 3 years, until he was brutally murdered in their home last night. When I asked if there was anyone she suspected, she said:
W: (whispers) Well that's why I'm here, it could have only been 3 people. But I need your help to investigate them secretly. (hands over a list)
V: We discussed the shady characters on the list for a short time, and I told her I would take the case.
W: Oh thank you so much! (hugs detective, then leaves)
D: Time to get to work. (takes cigarette out from behind his ear and gets up)
(him walking to the club)
V: First on the list was Colonel Reginald Young, a self titled Colonel with a reputation for hanging out in bars on the daily. With any luck, I would find him here. (walks into bar)
D: (whispers to self) Just as I suspected... (takes out tic tac box, zoom in on that, takes a tic tac)
(walks up to Young) Would you care for a dance? (pulls him onto dance floor)
D: (whispers into his ear while slow dancing) Have you, by chance, ever used a butter knife before?
Colonel Young: Oh my God, I have. How did you know?
D: Nevermind that, the real question is, what is your favorite way to eat chicken?
CY: I think... chicken wings...
D: I just have one more question for you, and I need you to answer honestly Colonel. Would you ever use the word swag unironically?
CY: Well...yes...I might... (breaks down and cries)
(detective leaves bar)
V: I gathered a lot of highly important evidence from Colonel Young, but I still needed more. It was time to pay a visit to Mr. Grey.
(detective on the phone)
V: Mr. Grey, suspect number two, is a doctor, so I decided to set an appointment for questioning. Plus, I could also use a check up.
(gets out of car and walks into doctor’s office, sits in chair and takes a tic tac)
Nurse: Mr. Grey will see you now...
(walks into doctor's office)
Mr. Grey: Hello sir, please, take a seat in the chair. How are you feeling today?
D: No, Mr. Grey, how are you feeling today?
G: (lowers voice) Don't think I don't know why you're really here, detective.
D: Is that so? In that case, I'm sure you wouldn't mind answering a few simple questions.
G: Of course not.
D: Good, good. Now, are you a cat person or a dog person?
G: I guess a dog person.
D: I see. Honestly now Mr. Grey, if you were in a room made entirely of twinkies, what would you do? You can take a second to think about this one if you need.
G: Well, I think I'd...make myself a nice caesar salad.
D: I thought so... This is an important one here, so answer carefully. Mr. Grey, if you were a worm, how long would you be?
G: This is ridiculous and a waste of my time detective.
D: But I know you know the answer.
(camera zooms in on his face)
G: Well, some would see it as a measly 3 and a half inches, but I know for a fact I'd be a solid 5.
D: I couldn't agree more.
(detective leaves doctors office)
V: I was starting to see the big picture here, but I still needed a little more information to be sure. Thankfully, there was one more person on the list, Mrs. S. She was a young high school teacher, and I figured I'd have no problem fitting in in her class.
(enters classroom and sits at a desk, takes a tic tac then offers one to the kid beside him, who takes it and starts acting weird)
Mrs. S: (infront of a chalkboard) Hi guys! We have a new student in our class today! Everyone, this is-
D: That's enough about me.
S: Ok... well... is there anything you guys would like to ask our new friend?
D: I believe I'll be asking the questions around here, Mrs. S.
S: But-
D: No buts. Just think about this, what is a word that rhymes with test?
S: Um chest?
D: Ah yes ok. Tell me, what is the last fuzzy thing you touched?
S: I guess my cat?
D: Just as I suspected. Now I will not bother you for much longer, I just need to know, what is the longest you’ve gone without taking a bath?
S: I can’t tell you that!
(kid that took tic tac passes out)
S: Oh my god!
D: I believe it's time for me to leave.
(leaves classroom)
V: It was finally clear to me, I had cracked the case. Now I just needed to get them all together and break the news.
(Colonel Reginald Young, Mr. Grey and Mrs. S. standing in creepy basement looking confused)
(detective and woman walking together)
W: (holding detective's arm) Do you know who it was?
D: Don't worry, I've got it all figured out.
(they enter the basement)
D: Hello. I've gathered you all here today because I've figured out who commited the murder of Richard Applegate. After reviewing the evidence I have put together, I can see it clearly...
D: It was... the butler.
Mr. Grey: Uh... none of us are butlers...
D: What? I could have sworn it was always the butler!
Mrs. S. : Are you even a real detective?
D: Uh well...
(has flashback to him sitting on the floor with stacks of books, reading one called "Sherlock Holmes : The Butler Strikes Again")
D: (looks up) I should be a detective.
(back to reality)
D: No, no I don't think I am.
W: Wait, then how did you get that suit and the detective office?
D: You know, that sounds to me like a mystery for a real detective.
(takes TIC TAC and leaves)
(everything fades away in colour)

The Corporation Questions

1 ) What is the principal purpose of this documentary?
The purpose of this documentary is to enlighten people on some of the hidden dangers and evils of our modern day corporation. It was made to reveal some little known secrets and, using facts, to hopefully sway ones opinion of the “good intentions” of large businesses. Instead of helping cover up or push aside issues like these, this documentary is making them clear as day, and forcing viewers to actually think of the consequences and dangers of where the corporations are heading.

2) What does the film critique? How do you know that?
This film critiques not the idea of corporations themselves, but the way that they have evolved to be sources of income for greedy humans with no remorse for their implications in society. It critiques the ways in which corporations do not care for society the way they imply that they do, but rather let nothing stand in the way of their own money making progress. I know this because the film is full of many people who provide facts and evidence to back up this statement, giving real statistics and interviewing people who have lived and worked in the midst of these schemes.

3) What methods did the filmmaker use to increase public awareness about Corporate responsibility and affect people’s beliefs and behavior?
They tried to use companies that we see around us every day and use famous people who are influential to us to make the public realize how much this actually affects each of us. They also talked about child labor and tough work conditions for small amounts of money to make things that many of us own, which is something of a sore spot to us Canadians. Another big issue the movie brings up is that corporations contribute greatly to environmental issues, leaving many horrible consequences for future generations to come. They try to show the future implications of letting the corporations have so much control, and how soon, we will all be under their power.  

4) Which methods of theirs did you think were most effective in supporting their position on corporate responsibility. Why?
I liked the way that rather than having every speaker be completely biased with an opinion against the corporation, they presented more of the facts of both sides, with a little extra for the side against. For me personally, this made it more believable and it made it seem like you really were getting the full story and making your own opinion. I also liked how they talked about the corporation as a person, and made us more aware of how we see corporations as people in our society kind of like us, when in reality, it’s just a bunch of people trying to make money off society’s naivety.

5) Did you have any issues with this documentary? What were some parts that you did not agree with, or question. Why?
I thought this documentary was really well done and there was evidently a lot of research put into this. I don’t feel like this movie was trying to condemn the corporation, just give people some of the inside facts on how the corporations take advantage of us and how most of what they do are for money. I didn’t feel like this film was forcing an opinion down your throat, just explaining how they see corporations and giving good, solid reasons why. It did get a bit boring at some points, but otherwise it was a good, informative movie.

6) Describe another film you have watched that had an impact on your values. How and why did that happen?
I've never really watched a movie that has changed my values, but I guess there are some influential books I have read that have changed my views. The one I can remember most is the book Eat & Run, which was a book about changing your lifestyle to eat and run better. One of the biggest lessons it taught me was that if you believe you can do it, you can. I never realized before that book how much power my mind does have in things like running really long distances. It also changed my views on eating, and the things that I was putting in my body just because it was easier than making something more healthy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Animation Reflection

Technical: I have never animated anything before, except on the little sticky notes when I was a kid. I can see the similarities, but using Photoshop on the computer is much more complex. I have a new appreciation for animators and the process of animation, since it took me over a week to animate a one second video, so the process of animating a 2 hour movie must be incredibly difficult.

Idea or Concept: I really had no idea what I wanted to do, except that I really wanted the ball to be food. I was hoping to do a more squishy type of ball, but it was cool to explore the way a hard object would bounce differently than a softer one. My idea was the same once I decided on a cookie bouncing into someone's mouth, I just added different things like the background and the mouth closing as I went along.

Influences: I literally had zero influences for this, and I usually never do so probably it's safe to take this question off the reflection because I'm just wasting space here so I'll meet the one page requirement but if you want to leave it then I guess I'll continue pretending I am saying something useful here.

Composition: I tried to make everything look like it all fit together and I tried to choose colors that look nice together and don't clash. It did end up looking a little busy for my taste, but I think I did an alright job.

Motivation: For once, I actually was kind of motivated to do this project because seeing the animation move that I made myself was pretty encouraging and cool. I mostly liked doing the actual animation of the cookie rather than the background and foreground, but I was honestly really happy with how it turned out and I didn't mortally hate this project as much as I did the other ones.

Critical Assessment: I actually really liked how this turned out and how actually cool it looks, considering I made it with zero knowledge of animation whatsoever. I was surprised at how many tiny components come together to make an animation, and like I said already, if it took me that long and that much work for one second, I can't begin to imagine 1 or 2 hours. If there's anything I would do better, it would be to find better and more exciting sound effects for the cookie. I would have also liked to shade more things and make everything look a bit nicer, but by the end I was getting a little impatient and decided not to. Overall, I'm actually pretty happy with how this turned out.

Side note: I definitely had crunching sounds when the cookie hits the counter, however they disappeared when I uploaded the video, but they show up on Photoshop. Not sure what happened here?

Animator Biography

Matt Groening

Matt Groening, an American cartoonist and animator, was born in 1954 in Portland, Oregon. He is the creator of the comic strip Life in Hell, and the two very famous television series: The Simpsons and Futurama. The Simpsons, created in 1989, was very successful and has become America's longest running animated series and sitcom. But before his immense success, Groening moved to Los Angeles in 1977, where endured a series of lousy jobs, including an extra in a movie, busing tables, washing dishes in an old age home, clerking and chauffeuring a retired director.

His first taste of success was in 1978, when he made his first professional cartoon sale of Life in Hell to Wet magazine, and soon after, his cartoon was being published in 250 weekly newspapers. In 1985, Groening was asked to work in animation for the Fox show The Tracey Ullman Show. It was here where he came up with the Simpsons family, which has now aired 574 episodes to date. In 1999, he and David Cohen developed the animated show Futurama, which ran until September 4th 2013. He is now 61 years old and continues to make new Simpsons episodes weekly.

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